TIR Sensor defective?

I purchased a TIR sensor last year from Dexter Industries and I wasn’t able to get it working with EV3. I used the sensor blocks for EV3 available on GitHub and retrieved the sensor values for the ambient temperature. The temperature was stated as -273.16. I tried many times and nothing seemed to fix it. Is this a defective product or is there a problem with it working for the EV3? If it is a defective product how can I get a replacement? I understand that the sensor isn’t compatible with LabView but what does this mean exactly? Because there is a block that was created for the sensor that does return a value albeit incorrect at the moment. If I want to create my own block for the sensor from scratch where can I find the addresses and values for the sensor information? So far this sensor has been useless to me and I require it once again for a competition. Thanks

If it is under warranty then you could replace it from the place where you bought it, but first, try to get it checked from some technician who could check it thoroughly.