TIR Sensor defective?


I purchased a TIR sensor last year from Dexter Industries and I wasn’t able to get it working with EV3. I used the sensor blocks for EV3 available on GitHub and retrieved the sensor values for the ambient temperature. The temperature was stated as -273.16. I tried many times and nothing seemed to fix it. Is this a defective product or is there a problem with it working for the EV3? If it is a defective product how can I get a replacement? I understand that the sensor isn’t compatible with LabView but what does this mean exactly? Because there is a block that was created for the sensor that does return a value albeit incorrect at the moment. If I want to create my own block for the sensor from scratch where can I find the addresses and values for the sensor information? So far this sensor has been useless to me and I require it once again for a competition. Thanks