Trouble installing grovepi



My Pi hung up @ 98% reading packets on curl | bash install;

reboot and git clone install yields this :

./ line 11: /home/pi/Dexter/lib/Dexter/script_tools/ No such file or directory
Special thanks to Joe Sanford at Tufts University. This script was derived from his work. Thank you Joe!
./ line 38: feedback: command not found
I2C-dev already present
i2c-bcm2708 already present
spi-dev already present
./ line 58: feedback: command not found
i2c1 already present
i2c_arm already present
adduser: The group `i2c’ already exists.
./ line 76: feedback: command not found
./ line 77: /home/pi/Dexter/lib/Dexter/script_tools/ No such file or directory
./ line 78: create_avrdude_folder: command not found
./ line 79: install_avrdude: command not found
done with AVRDUDE for the GrovePi

Rasbian 9.8 (Stretch)


Maybe you were doing that while we were updating things around. Just to be clear, this is the install command:

curl -kL | bash

Now, can you retry that again and let us know how it went?

Your Pi could have had a corrupt SD card or maybe it lost access to the internet.

Also, make sure you start with a clean state.

Thank you!