Troubles with Flow Sensor YF-S402 on a Raspberry PI + GrovePI+

Hello DexterIndustriesforum-users,

I am Tycho from Holland, I have got a flow sensor which won’t work on a Raspberry PI + GrovePI+.
It is the Flow Sensor YF-S402 G1/8 (

I have tried it with the example/library from GrovePI ( of his bigger brother the YF-S402 G1/4 (

I also have tried to directly read the digitalPort (2 -> also connected to D2), then I get “0” and when I blow trough it some “1” go trough a spam of “0”. From within Python I can’t read it fast enough to see all the pulses on the GrovePI+ port…

Thank you in advance,

Hey Tycho,
The flow sensor needs firmware version 1.2.5 on the GrovePi. Can you run this and find out what firmware version you are on, if it is 1.2.2 upgrade to 1.2.5 by running avrdude -c gpio -p m328p -U flash:w:grove_pi_v1_2_5.cpp.hex from the folder here: Do check the firmware version after the update and if it still does not work, can you run the troubleshooting script for the GrovePi : and upload log here.