Trying to login on DexterOS with username and password


I tried to login using the latest Dexter OS with pi and robots1234
It does not work and this is done using a keyboard and HDMI cable.

Has the username and password changed?
Thank you

DexterOS and Raspbian for Robots are different. DexterOS is not meant to be used that way. It is used by connecting to it’s WiFi hotspot and you to it’s webpage it creates. You can then program it. Information on how to do that can be found

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Hi @udals,

With DexterOS you just need to plug in the micro SD Card into the Raspberry Pi, boot it up and then, with a laptop, search for the GoPiGo access point.

What you probably want is Raspbian For Robots, which is an entirely different operating system than DexterOS.

Here’s a link to our DexterOS page.
Here’s a link to our Raspbian For Robots page.

Thank you!

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