Turn Digital Port into Analog Port

Hello again, how are you doing?
I wos wondering if somebody knows if there is a way, and what that way is, to turn a digital GrovePi port into an analog GrovePi port. I’m using four light sensors for my project, but the GrovePi only has three analog ports.


Hey Liam,
The digial ports cannot be converted to analog ports however, each of the analog port is connected to 2 analog pins and they are cascaded. So port A0 had pins A0,A1, port A1 has pins A1,A2 and port A2 has pins A2 and A3. So what you can do is to use a grove cable to break out the pins on port A2 and feed signal from one light sensor to A2 and the other to A3. Or you can use multiple GrovePi’s or an external ADC like this http://www.seeedstudio.com/depot/Grove-I2C-ADC-p-1580.html to read analog signal from the I2C port.