Tutorial on using gamepad with GoPiGo


I’m hoping to get some feedback on a blog post I wrote on working with the GoPiGo and a Logitech gamepad.

The post is here

It’s the first part and is only a set up for the GoPiGo coding. I’ll post part 2 next week.

I like how the tutorial breaks down the advantage of the evdev package and shows what code would look like without using said package.

Good tutorial. Looking forward to seeing it when it’s finished.

That really looks great. We had tried something similar with the PS3 controller a while back and it was a big pain to get everything to work. The evdev package seems to make everything much more easier.

Waiting eagerly for your next post to see how good it is with the GoPiGo.

Do keep us updated.


Hey, really nice tutorial! As everyone above has said, let us know how it goes! This is really great!

Thanks everyone! More is on the way.