Hi guys, I am thinking of buying the GoPigoGo kit. I wanted to know if tutorials are extensive, like they are showing you how to work with circuit and camera etc. I also want to know in what language are tutorials in mostly?

There are projects on the website that are free of charge. Those projects are either in Python or in Scratch.
Here’s a direct link to a Python tutorial:

And here’s a starter tutorial for Scratch

Or you might be interested in the GoBox missions, a set of 12 challenges that will take you through the Scratch functionalities.

I’m not too sure what you mean about ‘covering circuits’. Yes, the tutorials will show you how to connect what where, but none will cover electronics. Similar for the camera, you will be shown how to take pictures or videos, but not how to do Computer Vision. Yes, it’s possible to do Computer Vision with the GoPiGo, but it’s a very specialized skill. There’s at least one tutorial here: https://pythonprogramming.net/raspberry-pi-camera-opencv-face-detection-tutorial/?completed=/programming-autonomous-robot-gopigo-tutorial/

I hope this will help you!