Twin GoBoxes

I had ordered the twin GoBoxes for my two children. We had to remount one of the microSD cards for one of the PiGoPis to work, which took me forever because the site where you download the Raspbian listed several files and the correct one to download and mount was the file ext .rar and not the top one .img (even though that one had more downloads!). Now where will I find the other Raspbian that was supposed to be on the second microSD card that was sent with the twin GoBoxes?

Secondly, are there any other locations I can find to learn how to program in Scratch for the PiGoPi? I’m just trying to have the robot go around a simple track by itself using simple commands like go forward for 10 feet, turn left 90 degrees, go forward 30 feet. I was able to find out how to make the robot follow the keystrokes for turns, but is there a way to make a simple program like the one I’m trying to do? We had hoped to get our Line Follower thingy in time for my son’s science fair project, but we making do with what we have so trying to just simply program the robot to go around the track.

Thank you!

So I’ve dug around a little bit more and found how to reboot Pi and be able to use multiple PiGoPi on the same wifi…now my second question still remains…

Hey Thanh-Van, not sure what the issue is here; when you click on this link directly: it should take you to the files; either of the compressed files (zip or rar) should have a compressed version of the img file. Were you able to figure this out? In your second post you say this is solved, or is it the other issue that’s solved?

We have a basic starting point here for Scratch:

We also have a short introduction here: this contains all of the latest functions and calls that can be used in Scratch.

best, John

Hi John,

I was able to find out how to reboot the second GoPiGo on the same wifi. But I’m still a bit confused with the Scratch Programming instructions. Are the only ones that the the robot can do in Scratch listed here: Is there a scratch command to be able to program it to go a specific number of steps? or be able for it to turn a specified number of degrees? I think I might have gotten ahead of myself in ordering these kits and didn’t realize that I would need to learn a new programming language to help my kids use these. They are great kits, but not quite as advertised in the KickStarter.

Is there a scratch command to be able to program it to go a specific number of steps?

There is no Scratch command to move steps. Do you mean rotations?

or be able for it to turn a specified number of degrees?

There is no scratch command on how to do this. However, I think one of the lessons that are coming will cover how to use encoder readings to control how far wheels rotate.

Do you think you’re just confused about how to use Scratch? Do you have a recommendation on how we can explain this better?

I think our Kickstarter advertising is/was fair. If you’re having trouble with a mission, we can try to help you specifically with it. Also please note that the missions are, as promised on the KS, coming out monthly. Not all of the programming functions have been explained, but will be explained throughout the course of the missions. That’s pretty much what we promised, and I think we’re doing a very good job of keeping our promises!

The link you point to, here: is a list of the functions we have enabled in Scratch, yes.