Ultrasonic ranger V2.0 or V1.0

I recently purchased a GoPiGo- base and servo kit together with your SD-Card.
Together with the GoPiGo you offer the ultrasonic sensor (Ultrasonic ranger V2.0)
Here in Germany, I can only find the Ultrasonic Ranger V1.0.
My question: Is this Sensor fully compatible with your hard- and software?

Hi @saafenlob,

There shouldn’t be any differences between the versions and it should be compatible with our hardware and software. Can you send us a few pictures of the sensor and the link to the page from where you brought them.


Hi Shoban,

sorry for the late reply. The link where I’m going to by the sensor from is this

Do you agree that this sensor will work?

Best wishes


That sensor looks good and should work with with the GoPiGo.