Ultrasonic sensor and compass module together

Is it possible to use both the Ultrasonic sensor and the Compass module at the same time with a GoPiGo? In the photos it looks like the Ultrasonic sensor connects to A1 and the Compass module connects to SERIAL (and the servo pack to the black connector in-between), so I would guess “yes”, but can anyone confirm?

Also, just to make sure, I don’t need any other accessories except the servo pack for this connection, right? There is no need for “GrovePi Sensor Interface module” or anything like that?

You can indeed use a compass and a ultrasonic module together. The compass connects to the I2C port and the Ultrasonic sensor to the A1 port. There is no need for anything else.

There is one thing that you need to be careful about though. When we tried using the compass with the GoPiGo, the compass used to behave weirdly when the motors were turned on so you need to place the compass as far away from the GoPiGo as possible (maybe use a pipe or something to keep it higher).