Unable to Connect to GopiGo via SSH

I saw that I am able to make a connection to GopiGo via SSH by connecting my laptop to my GopiGo through an Ethernet cable.

Then I downloaded PuTTy and keyed in raspberrypi.local, an error occured stating “unable to open connection to raspberrypi.local. Host does not exist”.

Would need help in this. Thanks

I followed the method of going to create a static IP for the raspberry pi. And when I ping the static IP, it seems to be working.

So I proceeded with using PuTTy and keyed in the static IP. However, this time it showed connection error.

Hello @yanrui_17
I’m assuming you’re running a simple Raspbian, and not Raspbian for Robots?

If that is indeed the case, Raspbian disables SSH by default. To enable it, you will need to get the SD card into your regular computer. (Windows may complain that the card is corrupt, just ignore that)

When you access the card, you will be in a boot folder. Create an empty file named ssh.txt into that folder. Put the card back into the Pi and boot up. This specific boot may take longer than usual. Eventually SSH will be enabled.

Hope this helps.

Hi Cleo,

Thanks for your reply. I tried creating a ssh.txt folder in the boot folder and tried to boot up my gopigo again. However, it still does not work. I am still receiving a “Network error: Connection refused” message.

As I am new to this, may I ask what is the difference between Raspbian and Raspbian for Robots and how may I differentiate them? I recently bought GopiGo from Dexter in Dec 2017 and as part of the package, I was sent a microSD (“Boot”) with files already loaded in it.

Another problem that I am facing. I tried to connect the GopiGo directly to my monitor (through a HDMI cable) instead of using ssh. I was prompted login and password. the default login is “pi” and password is “robots1234” right? I tried and was unable to log in.

Thank you for your help once again.

Hello @yanrui_17

Raspbian is the OS that comes with a regular Raspberry Pi. It assumes you have a keyboard and a screen directly connected to the Pi. While you can set up Raspbian for remote login, it is not set up as such by default. The hostname is raspberrypi (raspberrypi.local)

Raspbian For Robots is our own version of Raspbian which contains all the code for our robots, and is pre-configured for remote login. The hostname is dex (dex.local)

DexterOS is an easier to get started with, for people who just want the robot to work out of the box (nothing to install on their computer, etc…)

DexterOS does not offer SSH access at all, Raspbian does not offer it by default, and Raspbian for Robots has SSH pre-installed.

To know what you have, I need to ask you a couple of questions.

  1. Which kit did you buy? Beginner or Advanced?
  2. When the GoPiGo is up and powered, do you see a new wifi access point from your computer? It would be named GoPiGo.
  3. What exactly did you mean in your first post when you said ‘I am able to make a connection to GopiGo via SSH by connecting my laptop to my GopiGo through an Ethernet cable.’ If you can connect via SSH and ethernet, that would be the same as connecting with Putty. I’m sorry to say but I’m getting confused here about what you’ve been able to achieve so far and what’s not working.