Unable to connect to gopigo wifi network

I’m unable to connect to the gopigo wifi network intermittently (for hours at a time). I’ve tried rebooting both the robot and the laptop(s). The wifi light on the gopigo is green and I can see the network in the list of available ones on my laptop, but once I select it (on macOS Sierra), the wifi icon stays in its animated “connecting” state indefinitely (until I give up).

I’ve searched the forums extensively but don’t see anything relevant.

Thank you for any advice,

My situation has deteriorated. Now I don’t even see the gopigo network listed. I’m having the problem with both of my gopigo3 robots. I fully recharged both of their battery packs and I tried connecting via four different laptops (2 running recent flavors of macOS, one windows 10, and one linux).

The green wifi light (on top of the robot head) is on on both robots. But the “gopigo” network is nowhere to be seen.

Both were working earlier yesterday but at no point today.

I’m very frustrated! Is DexterOS set to self-destruct after two days? Thanks for any help,

Your mac could be screwed up. Is there another computer you could try? It should even in theory work on your phone, at least it did on my android tablet. I’m saying this not for a permanent solution, just for troubleshooting.

If it doesn’t work on another device or you don’t have one you can also reinstall DexterOS.

There are also other ways to program the robot than DexterOS, but I’m sure there is a way to fix it.

Thanks! I have tried my phone too. Trying to avoid an OS reinstall (last resort). Not sure what would have happened to corrupt both SD cards!

So it didn’t work on your phone I take it? Reinstalling is perfectly safe if your worried about that.

Various factors could cause the sd to corrupt. It’s possible that it could have happened in production. Raspberry Pis are also infamous for corrupting themselves. It is also possible that the os isn’t corrupted but it is instead a bug.

I don’t know of anything else to try except reinstalling.