Unable to connect to robot after the latest update


I updated my robot last week and was able to program on it and do logging etc. However, since then I am unable to do any programming. I have re-installed the update a couple of times, and I see the wi-fi and can connect to it. However, I cannot go to mygopigo.com or


Hello @lagnihotr

Did you do a full shutdown between each update?
Basically, update, shutdown, boot up again.

Please confirm,

Yes… Update, shutdown, and boot up again. I can see the wifi network and join it as well. However, cannot connect to

Also, the shutdown doesn’t seem to be working. It keeps blinking… I have to pull the battery out to shut the robot down.

Yes, you are right. After an update, you need to pull the batteries once the purple light shows up.

Let me investigate a bit on my side. You’ve done everything right.


Oh, what version were you updating from? And were you updating to 1.3.2?

If it works we can do a video call so you can see what I am doing as well. I would like to figure this out at the earliest!

Not really sure which version. The latest? Which has features for logging etc.

The latest version 1.3.x has logging in it. But I also need to know which version you had on the robot before the update.

I really don’t know… Lisa, do you know what version we had on our robots before I updated?

Lisa says, I am not 100%, but likely 1.2.

I’ve tried four times to update from 1.2 to 1.3.2 Each went through without a glitch, so it has been no help.
Are you getting logs on a usb drive? I’d be interested in seeing the logs that are System logs.


Here is the latest logs…

34_Systemlog_2017_12_12__21_12_38.txt (234 KB)

Thanks @lagnihotr
I can see what the error is, although not the cause of it.
Now I can work on a solution.


Hello @lagnihotr

Lisa will probably share this with you but in case you read this before talking with her.
Can you find an SD card that has a native 1.3.2 on it? Directly from the image, not one that has been upgraded to 1.3.2.
Can you boot up the non-working robot with that SD card? I believe it will fix the robot. If it doesn’t, I would need the System log from this attempt.
If it works fine with that SD card, do a shutdown, swap the card to the previous, non working one, and boot up again.

please let me know how it goes.

I will be able to find an SD card in Boston tomorrow. All the robots in HEAF are having the same issue. The class couldn’t happen today because of this.

I’m really sorry to hear that about the class. My apologies.
I tried really hard to reproduce it to understand what’s happening, and have not been able to get the problem to happen. Yet there is a problem for sure if all your robots have the issue (even if only one did).


I understand how these things go… It is all right. I will try the SD card in the morning and let you know how it goes.



Any update?


So I got a copy of the data on their SD card and just loaded it up on my machine… Didn’t work :frowning: It didn’t want to copy “overlays” into my sd card. Going to HEAF tomorrow and they have a brand new rover. I will put that SD card in mine and see what happens…