Update jquery version for Browser Streaming Robot?

I am attempting to modify the Browser Streaming robot design to add a robot arm. I thought an easy way to debug and test motor control would be to add a slider (html input range control) to the webpage for each servo, going from 0 to 180. However I am having an awful time getting in to this html, css, javascript, jquery stuff. Seems that the API Documentation for jquery is on 1.11 while the jquery in the GoPiGo browser streaming robot example files is still on version 1.7.2 and there were major changes made back in version 1.9.

So long story short, if you could run the jquery migrate plugin for pre 1.9 on this example that would be awesome. Alternatively if I could just get a slider working and through it in to the github files that would be huge too.


Hey scifiaholic, thanks for the detailed explanation. How do we run jquery migrate? Do you have a tutorial or link?

That all came from the jquery download page. There’s a link to an update guide there, which I am assuming contains a link to the migrate plugin they are talking about there too.

The guide

Release blog post