Update made it stop working

I assembled and got it to communicate through computer, ethernet and wifi. I then did the di update. I was then unable to communicate with the gopigo. I then went through the set up again. However after logging in I did get to the point of ping the pinging the gopigo. It started to scroll and scroll and scroll. Unlike before. I notices that the di date icon was bouncing around. I still could not connect with wifi. It was clear that the pi could not connect to the internet as well. When I moved the robot I touched the ultasonci sensor at it was hot. I quickly unplugged it.

Sorry to hear about the challenges. I have a few questions:
1). Are you using a Mac or PC?
2). How are you powering the Pi on startup? For communication and testing, we recommend using the Pi Power Supply.
3). Can you post a screenshot of the “scroll and scroll”? And the DI date icon?

I must have some how scrabbled the hard drive. I re-imaged it and it is working now. I am just starting to get used to the system. Thanks.

Any reason why the sensor might have over heated???

Not really sure why it would have overheated. We have never seen it before. Is the sensor working properly and giving you good readings.