Update Tensorflow on DexterOS

I trained a TF model on my computer, and I want to deploy it to the GoPiGo running DexterOS. Noticing that the version of TF included in DexterOS is 0.11. Specifically, the tf.saved_model.load_model function does not exist in 0.11

Is there a way to update Tensorflow on DexterOS.

As far as i can tell, there is no internet connection from DexterOS, and there is no sudo access using the jupyter user to even install new packages.

Hello @iamramy
We are about to release 2.2.2, and we will attempt to update TensorFlow.
This should be available on Monday or Tuesday, if all goes well.


Thank you for your response. At that point, would I just re-install dexterOS on the microSD card after 2.2.2 is released?

Yes, you would have to reflash the SD card with the new image.

We have released DexterOS 2.2.2 however TensorFlow didn’t make it. We’ve encountered issues with it because it’s only available for Python 3.5 and we have 3.6 installed on the image. Please give us a bit more time to handle installing it from source.