Updating Arduino IDE

I just installed the git package. It contains Arduino IDE 1.6.0.

Current version is 1.6.12.

Is there a recommended process to update? Or should I just follow the Arduino instructions?

Is there a specific reason to update the Arduino IDE. The Arduino IDE that we ship is a little customized so as to support uploading code to the Arduberry via SPI. We had updated the IDE a while back to 1.6.0 and it pretty much had all the newer changes and should be good enough for most of the projects.

There is no specific reason except best practice is to start a new project with current versions and I noticed the included version is 1.6.0 while the current version is 1.6.12.
Since I expect to use new components as well as the Arduberry it seemed practical begin with current software.
I was aware of the tweaking Dexter has already done to the Arduino IDE and didn’t want to loose functionality…thus, this posted question.

My hope was the new version would upgrade the existing copy retaining all customization.

@DexterTinker, last time we did an update to the Arduino software, it took us a bit of manual effort to get it working, hence we do not recommend other people to try installing it nevertheless becasue it might not work. You can give it a shot and let us know if everything still works.

Also, we had pretty much found that the IDE works almost the same with 1.6.0 with the Arduberry as for the newer versions, so I think it should be good to go and you wont be missing out on a lot.

We usually try to get the IDE updated every time we release a new image, which is every 3-4 months. Maybe you can check back after the new image is released, probably in Jan 17 for the newer IDE.