Updating firmware from win10 iot

Is there a way to update the firmware in the atmega 328 from win10 iot? It’s not a big deal to load raspbian, but I’d just like to know how for convenience.

Hey Nimish, right now there is not a great way to update from Win10 IOT. It’s on our list of features to add though!

Hmm since you’ve connected the GrovePi+'s ISP header to GPIO pins, it should be possible to modify the linuxgpio programmer in avrdude to use the windows interfaces…would be some glue work but all the gpio programmer does is open sysfs files in linux.

Might be some effort getting avrdude to compile on UWP to get DMAP access to the GPIO pins.

The reason i want to do this is to get firmata on the GrovePi+ so I can use windows remote arduino and other client libs to have greater control over the grove sensors via the serial port rather than the janky I2C bus