Updating GoPiGo O/S 3.0.0 results in an unusable system


While doing some testing today, I discovered something very interesting:

  • Upgrading the GoPiGo O/S 3.0.0 with whatever the current updates are as of today, the result is a GoPiGo O/S that is unusable because it believes that the robot is a Grove Pi.

It doesn’t matter if you do a “plain vanilla” upgrade or a “full-upgrade” the result is the same. A 'bot that doesn’t work.

I do not know why, nor how to correct this at the present time, so I will simply warn people to avoid upgrading the GoPiGo O/S until things get figured out.

Hi Jim,
Can you send that to customer support please?

generally speaking doing a full-upgrade on GoPiGo OS is playing Russian Roulette. It has the potential of destroying a lot of the customization we did. However a standard upgrade should be safe. I’ll take a look.

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I will do that, however messages to support have no visibility here so I wanted to make sure others knew of this problem.

If you want, I can send the output of apt-get upgrade to a file and send it to you.

I cannot prove it, but I strongly suspect that an update to Python might be the issue.

This is, apparently, not entirely true - but may also depend, (at least to some extent), on the boot method being used.

Theoretically, BOTH boot methods should produce:

  • Identical results with each other.
  • Results identical with booting directly from a SD card.

Apparently, this is not always true, nor can it be guaranteed.  I need to do additional research on the Raspberry Pi’s boot method.

Also note that this issue - boot method - appears to affect Raspbian for Robots, at lest on the Pi-4.

I have inquired at the usual Fountains Of Wisdom on the Raspberry Pi forum,
Viz.: Are "start[x].elf and fixup[x].dat unique to a particular distribution? - Raspberry Pi Forums

. . .and there does not seem to be anything obviously wrong with what I am doing so far.  I have extended the question with additional details and hopefully I will get some information that will help me narrow down these issues.

There are a number of things I want to do but cannot do them until I am absolutely sure that the individual OS’s are behaving in a uniform and expected manner.

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