USB Power + Audio?

Hi all – I picked up a pair of small USB speakers to try and give our 'bots the power of speech.

The Pi appears to detect it at startup (it makes a small sound as the Pi boots), but it still sends the signal to the 3.5 audio out (audible with a pair of headphones).

Next step was to shell in and try something like this but figured I’d see if there was anything one could do via the web interface first that I hadn’t happened upon. Any suggestions?

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Which OS are you using?
DexterOS? GoPiGo OS? Or Raspbian for Robots?

We don’t officially support USB speakers, and DexterOS won’t let you connect them. But GoPiGo OS and Raspbian for Robots should be fine.

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Ah, pardon me – it is DexterOS. Bummer, was hoping to eliminate a cord.

Thanks regardless!

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