Use GPIO4 while pivotpi is connected

I’m a beginner, but I intend to learn quickly. In the future I want to combine pivotpi with temperature reading. I intend to use the commonly used 1-wire DS18B20. I’m not sure if this will work. Will enabling 1-wire interface on GPIO4 interfere with pivotpi ?

I would be interested in the resonance to this question.
I would assume that there shouldn’t be a problem as long as the IC2 addresses are different. U can normally hang as many IC2 communication devices off the same pins in parallel as voltage will allow as long as they all have different addresses.
In saying that I have never seen a 1 wire IC2 device before so don’t know how it works.

Do you have a pivotpi? If not I do and could try enabling it. Not exactly sure how to do that and what it does though.

@graykevinb : i have a pivotpi, and have by now tested with activated 1-wire on gpio4. It appears there are no issues so far. However, i am yet to purchase and connect a sensor, so the real testing with actual activity will only be later. I have also learned that activating 1-wire only affects gpio4, by default, and that isn’t used by pivotpi.