Use Rasberry Pi 4 in GoPiGo3

I own an RPI4, I don’t have an RPI3B. I would like to buy a GoPiGo 3 but I am not sure if it is compatible with the GoPiGo control card or if an adaptation has to be made. Or do you recommend acquiring an RPI3B?

Julio Zebadua

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Hi @juliozebadua
It does work with the Pi4 although the USB ports will warm up (no bad side effect, except a drain on the batteries).
However please note that DexterOS isn’t ported to the Pi4 at the moment (we’re working on it, and other goodies too!) so you will need to use Raspbian. If you are a beginner coder (or the robot is meant for a beginner coder) that means you will not have access to our block-based language, Bloxter, if you go with a Pi4.

Hope this helps,


Thank you for taking the time to respond and for the support. I really liked the GoPiGo platform and I am sure they will create a GoPiGo 4 platform even though it has no release date. I don’t know if I can wait for this to happen, I think I’ll think about buying the current GoPiGo 3 and a raspberry 3B+.To not wait until that happens I think I will go for the current GoPiGo 3 and a raspberry 3B+.



@juliozebadua, you might want to consider the Raspberry Pi 3B (non-plus) version. The “on batteries playtime” will be maximized with the 3B at a slight speed of processing cost. When just starting with the GoPiGo3, most users need “playtime” more than “processing speed”. In general the 3B lasts almost twice on a set of 8 NiMH AA rechargeable batteries as the 3B+.

That is what my bot uses RPi 3B, and 8 Panasonic Eneloop “White” AA cells give 6 hours maximum play time and 3 hours to charge.


@cyclicalobsessive, thanks for the information, I did not consider the point of energy consumption. You have shared valuable information and it is something I will consider.

Thanks for the support…