Use the GrovePi and the GoPiGo3 simultaneously

Is it possible to put a GrovePi board onto a GoPiGo 3 and add more Grove ports, called AD ports, to the GoPiGo 3. Clearly it has the 26 pin GPIO extender and the space to mount it. You will have to avoid the pins used by the GoPiGo 3, or are they all used?



Hi @andrew_lucas,

The GrovePi:

  • Is flashed through the SPI connection.

  • Communicates with the Pi through its I2C connection.

The GoPiGo3:

  • Is flashed through the SPI connection.

  • Communicates through the SPI connection.

This means that if both of them are stacked on the RaspberryPi, flashing the firmware on any of these 2 boards is excluded.
I have tested them and it seems like it doesn’t work.

One workaround that should be good would be to stack the GoPiGo3 on the Raspberry Pi and then just connect the VCC, GND, SDA and SCL from the Pi to the GrovePi with some female jumper wires - we haven’t tried this, but it could work.

Thank you!

Following up on this question, is there a way to connect more devices to GoPiGo3? Is there a way for us extend the number of ports on GoPiGo3?