User manual print errors

I noticed errors in three of six of the GrovePi+ projects in the starter kit…what to do? LED Fade states connect “Rotary encoder in Port A0” but the illustration has it connecting in A2 on my board. Button and Buzzer project states “Rotary to Port A0” but there isn’t a rotary on this project. The illustration has the button in D4 which is NOT mentioned in the verbiage. Ultrasonic and Relay project illustration shows Relay in D2 and Ultrasonic in D3 but the verbiage actually tells me to connect “Buzzer Module to Port D2, the Rotary to Port A0”! There is no buzzer or rotary in the Ultrasonic and Relay project. Help me please, I just want to get some straight answers. You haven’t made it easy to start. Where do I find accurate information with respect to ports if not the user manual?