Uses for GoPiGo circuir board inputs

I’ve got my GoPiGo running around. The ultrasonic sensor is plugged into the left upper input of the red circuit board. I noticed there are 3 other white inputs at the front corners. Does anyone know what they can be used for? What are they? Can I plug lights or other LEDs, sensors, servos or cameras in them? If so, what would I call them if I programmed them?
If any genius out there could advise me or point me to the info I would be pleased.

Hey Humanoid,
The 4 ports on the GoPiGo are for connecting additional grove sensors to the GoPiGo. You can find more description about the ports here: You can buy other simple sensors like the IR receiver, extra LED’s, sound sensors, light sensor, motion sensor from our site here: or even advanced sensors like Accelerometers, GPS from Seeedstudio.

There are examples in the python and scratch sections here:

Do let us know if you need any more information on this.