Using 4 infrared sensors

I would like to attach 4 infrared sensors to GoPiGo. But as far as I see, there is only one ADC port on GoPigGo. So I assume that I can attach only one infrared sensor to it and I need an additional board to use 4 infrared sensors.

I found the following board and plan to buy it. But before buying it I wanted to confirm that it works with GoPiGo without problems (e.g. any conflicts). Could someone from the tech team confirm that I can use this board to attach for infrared sensors to GoPiGo?

Thanks in advance.

You wont be able to interface the waveshare board with the GoPiGo because it uses SPI which the GoPiGo is using for the firmware upload and the GoPiGo also does not leave any external headers on which you can mount the waveshare board. Also, connecting the Grove IR sensors might be a little hard with the waveshare board.

One alternative that you can try is to connect a GrovePi board to the GoPiGo via the I2C header. This would let you connect 3 more analog sensors and a lot of other digital sensors.

Hello Karan,

I don’t want to use Grove Pi. My future plan is to develop a custom board (replacing gopigo and sensor board with one board - unfortunately gopigo does not support 4 infrared sensors) and a custom robot for research purposes. Buying an extension board and special sensor boards does not seem to be a good step for my long term goal for several reasons.

I want to use Sharp GP2D120/GP2Y0A41 infrared sensors:

Could you recommend an extension board which can be used with these sensors and GoPiGo?

I would suggest this one. It has 4 channels, good enough resolution and there is python code available for it too. You should be able to use that chip in your own design.

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