Using Arduberry as standalone Arduino

Is it possible to use the Arduberry as a Arduino clone without the RaspberryPi connected. I noticed it has a DC port or it can be powered via micro usb. Does it need any modifications, or can it be used on its own?

Also, a slightly unrelated question, where can I find documentation, or a user manual on the Arduberry? I won mine in a contest, and nothing was included with it.


Congrats on you new Arduberry.

You can use the Arduberry without the Raspberry Pi too. You can use the microUSB to power it with 5V or add the components near the DC Jack to make it work with higher voltages too. To program it without a Raspberry Pi, you would have to use a 6pin 5V USB FTDI adapter.

There is a lot of documentation available for the Arduberry on the Dexter Industries website here: There are pages with guides to getting started and using the Arduberry.

Do let us know if you need any help.


Thanks for the quick reply. If I were to use it as an arduino, would I use the normal arduino IDE and program it as an Uno? Is there a lost of the differences between the two? Does it have analog pins since it connects to the pi?

Sorry for the noobie questions. Thanks again

You can indeed use it as a normal arduino with the Arduino IDE as an Uno. The analog pins work too. The major difference with an arduino would be that you would need a 6 pin FTDI adapter to program it much like the Arduino pro.


Awesome. Thanks again.