Using Camera with GoPiGo3

Using Bloxter, I see the camera icon at the top in a window on the right side. I don’t have one yet, but will I or my 6 graders be able to use the camera in Bloxter and DexterOS?

If I have to use Raspbian 4 Robots, it may be a no-go.



SORRY! The “Learn” videos cover how to do this. Forgot to look there. My Bad.


Hi @cnoblejr,

Yes, you can use the Pi Camera inside Bloxter (in DexterOS). As you might have already found out, you can program it to take photos whenever you want.

In Jupyterlab-land, you have much more flexibility in terms of the camera because you can just program it in Python. Depending on your application, you might want to go with one option or the another: I reckon you just need to use it in Bloxter.

Happy coding!

Thx. I’ll start with Bloxter & use that to introduce Python. They are so “over-cooked” that I don’t know how far I can take them. I’ve only been working with 5th & 6th graders for a year or so. (Previous experience was with Ph D students.) The motivation is there — just so many activities. So far about 10% want to do more than the “minimum” required. Be interesting.


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