Using Grove Sensors

Hi Guys,
I bought a GrovePi 2 kit to learn about mech/electrical connections for my new robot hooby. They were all FANTASTIC and I really enjoyed the learning curve. I am now much more knowledgeable about destroying myMF-17 robot and getting it to do some of the things I am intersted in (Smooth motion + AI etc). I would really like to be able to use some of the sensors that came with the kit but I cannot find and schematics or clues even about how to connect them Eg. The LCD RGB Backlight would be a great help to re-program the MF-17. But how can I connect it please?? MCU .jpg attached.
Hope it is possible,
all the best to the huge Grove family across the world for Christmas and the New Year,

The grove sensors are usually of 4 types:

  • analog: read a voltage b/w 0-5V (eg: light sensor)
  • digital: read/write a digital 0/1 eg LED, switch
  • UART: uses serial comms to communicate. eg: GPS, XBEE
  • I2C: uses I2C protocol, eg: accelerometer, RGB color LCD.

The 4 wires on the grove sensors are +5V, GND and 2 data lines. The 2 data lines change for each sensor and can be any of the I2C, UART, ANalog or digital. You can find more about how each of the sensor works on the wiki. Here are a few links: and There is some sample code available on the wiki too.

If you want to use these sensors with the MR-C3024 FX you’ll have to update the firmware on the microcontroller which is Atmega128. You’llhave to connect the sensor toe the right port and use a programmer to upload the firmware that you write in something like ArduinoIDE or Atmel studio.

You can read more about how the GrovePi works on the GitHub page here: and also on the “Techincal Information and Troubleshooting” page here: