Using Grove sensors

My main question is how can we use Grove sensors with the GoPiGo. If I understand correctly looking at the code, GoPiGo is accessed via I2C and one example is the ultrasonic sensor which according to the example, it is connected on port A1 and as it is called in code with us_dist(15) and the command is [117]. How do we access a digital sensor connected to D1, for example? (my case is a PIR sensor that I would like to connect to D1 port).

I know I can connect the PIR sensor directly to the Gpio pins and this is probably what I’ll do for now but I wanted some details in case I buy some Grove sensors - how do I access them, if they are analog or digital or something else.

Thanks for your time to read this and for your reply.

You can connect Digital, Analog, Serial and I2C sensors with the GoPiGo. The I2C and Serial sensors are directly handles by the Raspberry Pi. For the Analog and Digital Sensors, the ATmega chip parses the data and sends it to the Rapsberry Pi. We are still working on these features and these would be out in the coming weeks.

We’ll keep you posted about this.


Thanks a lot for your answer, looking forward to details in the future. Until then, I’ll use the RasPi Gpio pins.

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Hi Karan,
Is there any update on this? I’d be really interested in even simple Grove sensor functions on the GoPiGo, such as being able to use analogRead() for a light sensor.

Not sure if it’s misguided, but I’ve tried importing the grovepi library into a GoPiGo script, but can’t seem to get it to work. I’m sure it’s a simple issue, but I can’t find any examples online of people blending these two platforms.

Many Thanks.

We are working on the solving the issue with the motor buzzing with the firmware and would release these functions along with that. No ETA on this though.

Sadly the GrovePi library would not work with the GoPiGo, so you would have to wait for a bit more.


GuitarheadCA, just to hop in here: we’re working on this right now. This is towards the top of our stack to release a new firmware update.

Okay, thanks for the update!