Using GrovePi with Ruby

Hey guys !

I have a school project using an Raspberry Pi, and the school gave us a GrovePi shield with some sensors. As we were planning to do our project in Ruby, I wanted to know how to use GrovePi with Ruby. No one really explained us how it’s working so I’m a bit lost in all of your stuff, which seems very interesting !

Thanks for help !

Where did you here that you can use ruby? Technically you can, if you feel
like adding support. I suggest interfacing with python. Basically ruby
would access python commands which would allow you to program in ruby
without creating your own ruby drivers.

I mean, they only asked us to develop a projet with a Raspberry Pi. When we worked on it, we wanted to work with Ruby because we thought we’d only use GPIO’s ports, until our teacher gives us the GrovePi sensors. We had no documentation on it and I’m a bit lost.

Can you tell me more about your solution ?

So you would interface somehow with python. You would have to interface between python and ruby. You could try apache thrift. It allows cross platform developement. Here’s the steps of what would happen:

The ruby code would ask the python script for the sensor readings.
The python script would then give back the readings.


However can I suggest that you just use python? You’ll have to use it either way.

You could create your own ruby drivers… but I don’t think you really want to do that.