Using MaxBotix Ultrasonic Sensor on Grove Pi+

Hi my freind before this i already asking about the grove ultrasonic sensor that sent pwm signal and can be installed only 1 of this sensor.

my new question how about this type of sensor
can it be installed on grove pi… if can , can it be installed more than 1 ?
since my aim for my project is using 3 ultrasonic sensors.

MaxBotix ultrasonic range finders

Thank You

Hi @karimimanawir,

We haven’t used MaxBotix on a GrovePi and I suspect the firmware would require modifications in order to support it. Even if we would support it (by having it implemented and tested), you’d still only be able to connect one sensor of this kind to the GrovePi.

Bottom line is that either way, you’d be capable of connecting just one ultrasonic sensor at a time on the GrovePi.

Hope this clarifies the waters for you.

Thank you!

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thank you for the answer

may i know why GrovePi only allow one ultrasonic sensor connected?

Hi @karimimanawir,

Mostly, it’s a hardware limitation of the GrovePi board.

Thank you!

look like i need to find other alternative of GrovePi

Hi @karimimanawir,

I’m sorry to hear that :frowning:

Did you know you can stack 2 GrovePis one on top of the another? Technically, this could allow you to run 2x Ultrasonic Sensors + 1x DI Distance Sensor, so this would make for 3 distance-measuring sensors. Would this help you?

Thank you!

Oh I dont know, How many grovepi can be stacking?

can i know any site or information that i can learn about this?

and some example about interfacing stacking grove pi?

Hi @karimimanawir,

On the following tutorial, you can see you can you can stack up to 5 GrovePis one on top of each other:

The tutorial should describe everything you need to know in order to set it up for yourself.

Does this meet the requirements for your project?