Using my own Raspbian Jessie to merge in Gopigo code and libs


In [Solved] Error Running the example it appears that Dexter encourages most to use a fresh SD card with Raspbian for Robots. I see the utility of that. It allows those without strong system admin skills to get the car up and running quicker.

However, I want to run all of my other installations and code already on my SD card alongside of the gopigo apps so I can do some interesting things.

So, does the latest instructions shown here: Option 3: Modify your own image work properly?



Hello Salvideoguy

Yes, those instructions work. I used them myself earlier this week.

I’m just going to add that Raspbian for Robots is not just about helping those without strong admin skills. It does come with additional tools (the ability to VNC in without installing anything on your computer for example). You may or may not need those tools of course.

I use Pycharm IDE and I SSH into the Pi exclusively.

No need for desktop share (VNC) or a monitor.
At some point, I may run remote desktop but with gpg, one would want to control it remotely over a thin connection, right?
Also striving to build an iOS app at some point to control it over any network connection from anywhere.



I am glad to see your mail and details captured here. I like the Option 3
for people who have Raspberry PI SD Card and wants to follow the


Hi Rajat-ray,

I just got it a few minutes ago and I am in the assembly and test stage.
Yes, I want to use my Raspi for other things besides just powering the gopigo.

I may create a virtualenv just for this project so I can protect the overall Rasbian environment.

I will share my progress with the group of course.