Using RPI3 BT with HC06 Bluetooth Module

hi mates, after reading this topic : Arduberry and bluetooth compatibility?[SOLVED]… i have also an issue.

I’m not using the Raspbian for robots version, but the standard jessy one in my RPI3 ( because my RPI3 is not only used with Arduberry…)

I’m trying to adapt a vocal command thru android phone with a BT connection

its working with a HC06 BT module, in a Arduino UNO card, but how to use the internal BT in RPI3 ( programming with Arduino IDE)

used code in a Arduino UNO

 #include <SoftwareSerial.h>
SoftwareSerial HC06(11,10);
const char DOUT_LED = 2;
String messageRecu;

void setup() {
digitalWrite(DOUT_LED, LOW);
void loop()
       char c =;
       messageRecu += c;
     if (messageRecu.length() >0)
       if (messageRecu == "1")     
        {digitalWrite(DOUT_LED, HIGH);}
       if (messageRecu == "0")
        {digitalWrite(DOUT_LED, LOW);}

Appinventor screen in jointmitappinventorrecovocale

Is someone have a solution ?


Hi @techno.levillage,

I don’t have a HC06 BT module on my hands at the moment, but here’s a really nice tutorial on getting started with a HC06 module and a Raspberry Pi:

The article was written in November 2016 so this means it’s still pretty new, therefore it should work for you.

Thank you!

thx but it’s not the problem

The raspberry Pi 3 model B already have a native BT functiun… but how to use it with an Arduberry

Hi @techno.levillage,

I’m not sure I’m following what you’re saying.

Are you asking us how you can make the Raspberry Pi and a smartphone (I assume that’s an Android) communicate through Bluetooth just using the built-in Bluetooth module of the Pi 3?
If that’s so, what role does the Arduberry play in this scheme?

Also, can you give more details on what you’re trying to do? Technical diagrams would be a big plus and would make us understand what the Arduberry has to do in this project.

Thank you!

sorry if explainations are hard to understand ( poor french guy :slight_smile: ) no mater i have to be clear in my words.

so :

  • i have a raspberry pi 3
  • an arduberry “shield”
    -lots of arduino pieces ( i’m a teacher, already using arduino, picaxe and other systems)

i hope that it is possible to use the bluetooth system that is in the raspberry, to create communications between any BT external system and all Arduino shields, using arduino ide to program.

i’m using MIT app inventor with students. Raspberry is the normal evolution for me to improve experiment


Hello @techno.levillage,

The raspberry Pi 3 model B already have a native BT functiun… but how to use it with an Arduberry

Are you trying to make the module speak to the Pi3’s BT module; connecting the Pi3 over BT to the HC06 BT module? I’m still trying to understand how the Arduberry fits in if that’s what you’re trying to do.

Hi @JohnC

i understand where i have "failed "in my explaination :slight_smile:

my example was : using a “real arduino” board with HC-06 module and android app i have made ( this one work)

i want to do the same with the arduberry. As the PI3 have a BT module inside, i don’t want to use the external HC-06, so how to code in “Arduino IDE” to use the “Arduberry board” with the “PI3 BT” .

Sorry to foolish you, and thx for answering Me

Hi @techno.levillage,

Okay, I think I got what you mean.

So you want the Arduberry to interface with the onboard Bluetooth module of the Raspberry Pi 3.
If that’s what you want, then I have 2 questions:

  • Why would you want to do this? What is the advantage of it? What’s the endgame?

  • In what stage is your project right now?

Nevertheless, in order to do this, you need to create a bridge between the Arduberry and the Pi3's Bluetooth module.
The bridge should be composed of the following 2 components:

  1. One component on the Arduberry which deals with interpreting/sending data off of the serial lines.

  2. One component which permanently runs on the Pi3 and creates a bridge between the serial line and the Bluetooth module. This component could be written in Python and you should use the bluetooth module - take a look at this script here.

With that being said, I think what you want to achieve (if I got it correctly) is something overly complex and unnecessary - long story short, it looks like an overkill to me. I may suggest you think more about this project and see what’s the endgame of it before embarking on such project.

Also, if you feel like speaking in English is a bit hard, I may suggest you send me a private message in French.

Thank you!

hi @RobertLucian,

it’s exactly that .

Why would you want to do this? What is the advantage of it?

only to know if it’s possible, as i am not a python expert (lower than beginner to be honest, better with Arduino :wink: )

What’s the endgame?

using Arduino nano to create wireless sensors using HC-06, connecting to PI3 as master , then having a internet site inside the PI3 connected

Maybee i will do differently

but thanks for all, i will read all you give