Using Temperature / Humidity Modules Directly with RasPi


I have a couple of Dexter temperature & humidity sensors. It would be cool to incorporate them into a greenhouse automation project I’m working on but I don’t want to buy extra bits if I can help it.

Instead of getting a GrovePi shield, can I just wire the sensors directly into my Pi 4’s GPIO?

I’m very much a beginner btw.


I have two of these, to be precise. I thought I could use them like DS18B20 thermometers.

You will need to cut the wire and solder in non-grove connectors. Or you could wire connectors directly onto the pads on the sensor. But yes, it can be done. These are I2C-based sensors, so you would need to google how to do an i2c connection.
And then you would need to download the DI Sensors drivers.

Totally doable but not without soldering.

Thanks a lot. I guess I’ll be learning some new skills lol