Using the 2x RFID Sensor without Serial port

For my project I require to use 2 RFID sensors but I discovered that it works only on the RPISER port of the GrovePI
However, the wiki suggests I could also use the digital ports for example, D2/D3 to use the RFID reader/sensor. Or should I use the GrovePi serial port and communicate to the RPI to/from there?

How do I continue from here? I’am trying to use the project in python code, so is there something we need to add to the python library or where can I help to make this work?

Also, I was planning to use an RPI4 but since there is no support yet I’am using a first generation RPI. So if there is specific code for the B revision I would like to know to make it compatible with RPI4.

Can someone help me out or point me in de right direction? I’am stuck in my project and would like to continue working on this.

Disclaimer: I don’t know anything about GrovePi or the RFID sensor.

It appears that the wiki example uses D2/D3 - Can you plug the other RFID sensor into the connector which has D4/D5, and put (4,5) in the code to read the second sensor?

At any rate, You should ask @ or by emailing

I have mailed today, lets see what happens.

The thing is, the suggested code only works on the RPISER port and has no parameters to select the desired “D2 or D7 or D…” port. This is the part where I need help.