Using the dIMU EV3 software blocks

Please help! I’m trying to use your dIMU in the EV3 programming environment but struggling to even read values.

How do I see an instantaneous acceleration or gyro reading? Are there watch windows, or can I just hover over with a mouse?

Strangely, although the sensor appears in the port window when I turn the system on & connect to the brick over USB, when I try running a simple program (sensor in a loop) it disappears from the port window. It is plugged into Port 3, could this be the problem?

I apologise if I have missed a tutorial or how-to somewhere, but all I can find on your website is for NXT.

Many thanks,


Hey Captain Biggles,

Unfortunately our software for the dIMU on the EV3 isn’t setup to be able to read the port view (that view on the lower right hand side of the screen of your EV3 screen).

I just added a new example to our repository of examples (“EV3_IMU_Test.ev3”) that reads a single axis and displays the value on the screen. It uses the sensor on Port 1. Can you give it a shot and see if it helps give you the feedback you’re looking for?