VIDEO & CODE: Robot+Camera+Email+Ultrasonic

Hello All:

Watch the video (Google Drive link below) to see the GoPoGo

  1. move forward until 20 cm away form object at speed 100, while printing out distance
  2. back away for 1.2 seconds at speed 220
  3. take a photo
  4. email the photo to my gmail account (supply your own email and password in the code)
  5. turn left for 1 second at speed 100
  6. twice more repeat steps 1-5
  7. print out battery voltage

See attached images: my inbox has the three photos the GoPiGo (RaspberryPi) emailed to me.

Want to tweak this program? Have anything to contribute? Post it. I cannot troubleshoot because I do not know Python. This is all just reverse engineering.

Cool project Ian, thanks for sharing!