Video playback

I’ve got my Rasp Pi camera on the Gopigo successfully taking photos and video using the Terminal in Raspian for Robots. I can open the photos using the Image Magick program supplied but when I try to open the videos it says there is no software to open them with. I can’t see anything usable on the desktop. Do I need to download video software to the pi or desktop? If so, what do I do? Are there commands through the terminal to update or install this or is there an internet program I should download to the SD card? I noticed that nothing appears on the desktop or terminal while the camera is filming and taking photos even though it’s working properly.
Also another issue which may relate:
If I do general Raspian updates/upgrades via the terminal will that overwrite/damage Raspian for Robots?

Hey Humanoid, if you do a Raspbian updates/upgrades via terminal, it shouldn’t break anything, no. In fact you can do this with the desktop software update; the first button “Update Raspbian” does just that.

Video . . . no idea. Is it possible you can view your videos on a laptop or mac? I know that’s kind of a crappy answer, I just don’t have a great answer to how to view video on the Raspberry Pi. Is it stationary or tethered or setup with a monitor?