VNC and Kano

Hi - sorry if this is wrong forum. trying to get ping dex.local to work on Mac or PC. Currently attached via ethernet cable to Mac. Getting unknown host. but in the ‘network’ screen, I see an IP address of that responds when i ping it in terminal. pinging etc works. am using a raspberry pi from kano computer. looks like good lights on when connecting ethernet cable on both ends. please help!

Hey Jonfox, are you using “Raspbian for Robots” ? Which version are you using? I’m having a hard time understanding where the kano computer is coming in to play.

yes, using Raspbian for Robots v2015.03.20. i inserted that SD Card into the Kano version of the Raspberry Pi motherboard (removing that motherboard from the kano computer kit). thanks!

Ok, got it. So there should be no difference in the motherboard, that should work fine.

The problem is that you’re using an older version of Raspbian for Robots, that’s all. The login credentials are username pi, password raspberry, and you should connect to raspberrypi.local

You might consider upgrading to the latest software, it’s quite the improvement. It’s free here:

oh - i got that SD card from you guys in December - a few weeks ago - any chance i can get a replacement one? i’m trying to do the burn image thing but am running int error issues (error 1117 i/o etc)

Sure can. Can you contact us through our website here:

We’ll arrange a replacement. If you can please copy the link of this post into your contact. Thanks!