VNC Connection website

I was having trouble connecting to the VNC web page. It keeps saying the link does not work. What should I do?

Hi @kalahcross,

Here are some questions I have:

  1. Are you running our image (Raspbian For Robots) or have you got started with a pure Jessie image?

  2. Do you have Bonjour installed on your laptop?

  3. How are you trying to connect to the Raspberry Pi? Through an Ethernet cable or through WiFi?

  4. What’s the URL address you’re trying to reach?

  5. Have you followed the instructions found here : GoPiGo2 - setup instructions ?

Also, can you share with us a screenshot of the message you’re getting when trying to connect?
Reading your post makes me think the GoPiGo isn’t set and because of this you get a Page Not Found.

Thank you!