Voltage Regulator

Hey, I just got my Arduberry and love it so far. I noticed it has a place for a voltage regulator, a couple through hole components (i’m guessing caps), and what appears to be 4 places for smd components (3 on top, 1 on bottom). I can’t find any information on this.

Also, is the regulator needed if you are going to use a 5v supply on the barrel plug? Would this involve shorting Vin to 5V, or are they already shorted and would need to be cut if you installed a regulator.

Thanks for an awesome product. I can’t wait to see what I get up to with it.


Hi Sean,
Good to hear that you like Arduberry.

The components for external power supply are: a voltage reg LM7805, two .1 uF capacitors, 1 fuse greater than 1A, one 1000uF capacitor. If you want to use the regulator, then there is a solder bridge. Just change it from top to the bottom. Nothing else needs to be done. I have attached the power supply section of the Arduberry. Please do have a look at the schematic in the Hardware Section of the Arduberry Github Repository.



One more question, what is C7 the 120uf cap for?

Hey Sean, that’s for stabilizing the voltage I believe.

Any reason it isn’t included then?

You mean in the production version? The reason it’s not included in the production version is because the 5V Jack is a separate circuit when it’s made; so the capacitor wouldn’t see the circuit or be part of it.

@karan: Hi, I am trying to find the purpose of these capacitors like I think the 0.1UF capacitors are used for filtration and but I am not able to understand the purpose of 1000UF capacitor with 7805.

The purpose of adding that large 1000 UF capacitor is to increase voltage stability. You can try it without the large cap, but it should help prevent brownouts and any problems that occur if your shield or the Pi draw a lot of power suddenly.