Want Jupyter without GoPiGo OS? With AI Code Generation?

I’m not a Jupyter advocate, but I see many folks are. For the GoPiGo3 the only supported operating system is GoPiGo OS which comes with Jupyter installed.

Very often we see folks wanting (or needing) to use a different OS. If those folks want Jupyter, I discovered a fork from Jupyter called Pretzelai which adds AI code generation and runs on Pi 3, Pi 4, and Pi5.

Installation: pip install pretzelai then run pretzel lab to open the web interface.


Jupyter can be downloaded as its own stand-alone program package and I believe it’s available for the Pi.

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I didn’t see pi5 support on the basic Jupyter, and it doesn’t have the AI “write a Python program that …”. I’m not fiddling with any of the generative AI engines, but I see a large number of programmers saying they are and the code either works out of the engine or requires only minimal edits.