Waveshare GNSS (GPS) modules for the Raspberry Pi

Note the following:

These are extremely high accuracy (cm level accuracy with an active reference base station) that might be useful for truly autonomous robots.

The first is an extremely high accuracy GNSS (GPS) receiver for < $50.

The second is an insanely accurate GNSS receiver for about $300 (±)

I don’t know if you folks are interested in this, but here it is.

Waveshare has other, less accurate and less expensive options too.

They also have GPS systems that are anti-jamming and counteract multi-path reflected signal distortion.


I’ve always wanted a robot that could navigate outside autonomously. This would be very helpful.


Indeed, the RTBmap vSlam package accepts GPS as a tag for labeling images it decides are useful for localization, and directly into its stamped pose estimates

and it works outdoors in either 2D or 3D map/localization

Thinking of making an autonomous wheel barrel?


But only with a NVIDIA Tegra Xavier!