We need some buzz?!

@cleoqc et. al.

What’s the status of the GoPiGo?

I can’t say I’ve been all over the robotics forums and sites, but if this forum is any indication, the GoPiGo is riding off into the sunset.

Which is a shame because it’s such a versatile robot at an exceptional price-point relative to its capabilities.

I, myself, have hardly begun to scratch the surface of what it can do.  Likewise my other two companyeros here still have a lot they can do - and have not even begun to exhaust the robot’s capabilities.

Another great point:
It’s a phenomenal experimental platform even ignoring the robotic capabilities - messing with the various messaging protocols, learning about mutexes, message queueing, and atomic processes using real-world situations.  (Watching a mutex work on the screen isn’t nearly as interesting and useful as watching a display and the robot’s controller cooperatively share the SPI buss.)

I don’t see it going to the 'fridge to bring a beer on command, but there’s still a lot it can do.

So, what’s happening with promoting the GoPiGo?

I really think there’s a lot it can do, given the right marketing and exposure.

What say ye?