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Hello and Thanks for some help!!

Just bought the GoPiGo2 and going to use a brand new Apple Laptop MacBookPro.

I am a 3rd grade coach, for STEM after school project.

MY QUESTION: Can I use the GoPiGo without being connected to the internet??? Laptop, wireless through Router(switch only)“NO MODEM” to the GOPIGO2 wireless. Can I download and use the VNC program “OFFLINE” to control robot?

My 3rd grade project is to build a robot, and I need it to be portable and leave the house i.e.- NO INTERNET

Dan Hall
55 years/Minimal Computer Knowledge

Hi @DanoHall12,

Yes, you can use the GoPiGo without it being connected to the internet. We have a software called Cinch which runs on the RaspberryPi and it creates a wifi network(No internet) which your Laptop can connect to. After connecting to it you can use your browser to access noVNC and program your robot offline.

So to get this software and install it you should follow our detailed tutorial here.

Please let us know if this helps and we would be happy to help you out.