What accessories to buy with GoPiGo

Our son has the Raspberry Pi 2 Starter Kit with WIFI (Canakit). We are getting him the GoPiGo robot Base Kit. Which accessories does he absolutely need to get the robot set up and moving? It’s already expensive, so we are trying to get the accessories he needs, but not the ones he can add on later for the more “cool” applications! :o) Hope that makes sense. Thanks

Hi thebaturas,
Absolutely necessary would be the Raspberry Pi, assuming you can burn your own image of Raspbian for Robots. Highly recommended would be the Raspbian for Robots (http://www.dexterindustries.com/shop/sd-card-raspbian-wheezy-image-for-raspberry-pi/), a wifi dongle, and a usb power supply.

Thank you John! You’re a lifesaver!!!

Glad we could help with this!