What does the PivotPi do for u?

Just trying to get a grasp on all the hardware.

I understand that servos get their signal by PMW. The RPi has only 1 GPIO pin that has built in hardware clock to create PMW so to run servos of any other GPIO pins then you have to create this via software which is a pain because if you want to run in parallel then it requires multi threading and also chews up some of your computer speed to do this…

Is the PiviotPi a clock with a micro processor? Where the RPi can just send 1 command to the PiviotPi (goto x position) then the RPi will return to normal processing while the PiviotPi processor carries out task? Will the PiviotPi just keep creating the PWM for the last command it received from RPi forever till receiving another command or does PivotPi require constant updates from the RPi?

The PivotPi has it’s own PWM controller, including the clock. The Raspberry Pi just needs to send it a single command, and it will continue to output the PWM signal until it receives another command. There is no ongoing overhead on the RPi, other than just to update the PivotPi whenever you want to change the servo’s target.

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It also can be easily connected to t BrickPi3, gopigo, or grovepi through the I2C port.