What is difference between Advanced Starter Kit and Beginning Starter Kit?

Hello! Your Website contains links to both an Advanced Starter Kit and a Beginning Starter Kit for GoPiGo. Both cost $199 and both seem to contain the same thing. What is the difference? I want to teach my daughter Python but reserve the right to let her program in C as well. Which kit will let me do that? Or is the Advanced Starter Kit now OBE and is now the same thing as the Beginner Starter Kit, because the only difference is the software installed on the MicroSD card? Thanks!

Link for Beginner Starter Kit:


Link for Advanced Starter Kit:


Is the only difference an Ethernet cable? Does that ethernet cable go from the robot to the router? Can I still program in C using the wireless Beginner Starter Kit? I am very confused here.

Hello @jmlineb

First off, kudos for wanting to teach your daughter some C. It’s my native language from back in the 80s :slight_smile: Still have a soft spot for it.

The hardware in both kits is the same so you program in Python and in C with that hardware.
But they both come with DexterOS on the SD card which is our easy to get started operating system. DexterOS offers Bloxter and Python as languages, but not C.

For more advanced Python, and definitely for C, you will need to move your OS to Raspbian for Robots (on the same hardware). This is done by downloading the Raspbian for Robots image, and burning it onto a microSD card )

Raspbian for Robots offers you way more freedom but it is harder to connect to the robot at first, hence the Ethernet cable for first contact.

Once you have first contact established, you can set up WiFi and no longer depend on the Ethernet cable.

I hope this helps,

Thank you! But if I have my own Ethernet cable (which I do), and can purchase another MicroSD card and burn Raspbian for Robots onto it (which I can), then I can buy my daughter the Beginner Starter Kit and get the best of both worlds, right? Is that a reasonable approach? Use the DexterOS image on the original MicroSD card for Python programming, and the Raspbian for Robots image on the second MicroSD card for C programming? Thanks!

You are correct. If you have your own Ethernet cable then you do not need the Advanced kit (they are the same price for a reason).

If your daughter is a beginner in robotics, she might want to start with Bloxter as a easy to get into graphical programming language. The Python code that Bloxter generates is exposed so you can copy/paste it into the Python IDE, modify it as you want, and run it from there.