What is rpi_coon 26 pin header use for?[SOLVED]

I would like to connect a non grove sensor to my GrovePi+ system. My bottom board is a Pi3. Is the 26 pin header on the grovepi+ (label rpi_coon) just a passthough from the Pi GPIO? Thx

Hi @mkochsch,

Yes the 26 pin header on the GrovePi+ corresponds to the 26 pins of Raspberry Pi GPIO and it is provided on GrovePi to access the Raspberry Pi GPIO.
Almost all the 26 GPIO pins on the header of the GrovePi can be used, except the Pin 24 which is BCM 8 (Broadcom Pin Number). Using this pin resets the GrovePi and hence all the other Pins on the GPIO header of GrovePi can be used.

Please let us know if this helps,

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Thank you. Excellent information.

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